To a Society that Recognizes Diversity
To a Society that Recognizes Diversity

Who we are

Yokohama Project is an advocacy group that embraces the concept of “diversity and inclusion.” It was established after organizing a walking event to socialize with individuals with Down syndrome. Based in Yokohama, our group aims to create a society where everyone, with or without disabilities, arms each other and contributes in his or her own way, ultimately leading to a resilient society that can turn adversity into progress.

Yokohama Project has three divisions related to diversity and inclusion ;


1.Inclusion activities and programs 'Fureai' with people with disabilities such as "Tsunagari Walk in Yokohama." Many local NPOs, community, business, and governments join the event not only as a pure participant but also, stage performer, workshop provider, volunteer and so on! Over 5,000 people participants annually.


2.Information support for parents and medical practitioners regarding having children with Down syndrome. Yokohama Project provides information on the life of people with Down syndrome by our own booklet, leaflet, and website, a website of other third parties.


3. Learning programs and workshop on designing more inclusive society. Yokohama Project invites a change leader expert on diversity and inclusion particularly Down syndrome from all over the world. The fields we cover is in a wide range such as healthcare, education, work, maternity and parenting, social issues, community, global issues etc.

In addition to our activities in the three divisions, we launch numerous activities as project basis in collaboration with other organizations as well.