Announcement of new release ` Living with Down syndrome`

We would like to announce our new release of leaflet for `Living with Down syndrome`


To whom interested in the booklet:
We created a booklet describing how babies with Down syndrome grow and what lives of people with Down syndrome and their families are like in Japan. We hope this booklet will help you take a step toward knowing more about living with Down syndrome.
You can download the leaflet Leaflet_LivingwithDownsyndrome

Who we are:
Yokohama Project is an advocacy group that embraces the concept of “diversity.” It was established after organizing a walking event to socialize with individuals with Down syndrome. Based in Yokohama, our group aims to create a society where everyone, with or without disabilities, affirms each other and contributes in his or her own way, ultimately leading to a resilient society that can turn adversity into progress.

Tips: Introduction of Yokohama city
Yokohama is the first harbour city introduced to the world as the entrance to Japan. Since the the time its port was opend, Yokoahama has been vigorously acquiring new cultures and information from foreign countries and introucing to Japan our country`s first-time-ever things from food to a wide range of cultures, which entitles Yokohama as the birthplace Japan`s modern cultures. Located in the center of Japan with 3.6 million people.